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"As a new company, Quantum has given us focus and direction, the confidence that we have a successful product and the use of some pretty amazing marketing techniques."
Siggy Theotard and Nick Bailey, PYO Adventure Travel Ltd
We have always relied on our software vendor’s referral and outsourcing relationships for a constant stream of consulting work but this alone simply won’t allow us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy. The Quantum Organization has led us, through a well researched marketing and sales strategy, to a position where we now have a steady flow of qualified sales leads and we are well on our way to meeting our sales and consulting revenue targets.“
Jason Crage, Formzest Ltd
"Our relationship with Quantum have helped us make fundamental changes to our business that have resulted in significant and immediate short term gains. More importantly we have been able to focus on longer term strategies that will take our business into realms that we never thought were previously achievable. I cannot recommend Quantum highly enough."
Dr Matt Flanagan,
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Testimonials For Marketing...How To Get Them

Ask for a testimonial straight after completing some work for the client If the client is clearly happy with you say, “You know, I’m really happy that we were able to work with you. It would be really helpful if you could send me a letter, on your letterhead with a few comments about our product or service. Would that be okay?”

Your satisfied client or customer will usually be honoured with such a request. If you don’t receive the testimonial in the next 10 days (this is quite common because they haven’t had time, and it’s not high priority for them) ring them up and offer to write the letter for them using the technique described next.


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