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"As a new company, Quantum has given us focus and direction, the confidence that we have a successful product and the use of some pretty amazing marketing techniques."
Siggy Theotard and Nick Bailey, PYO Adventure Travel Ltd
We have always relied on our software vendor’s referral and outsourcing relationships for a constant stream of consulting work but this alone simply won’t allow us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy. The Quantum Organization has led us, through a well researched marketing and sales strategy, to a position where we now have a steady flow of qualified sales leads and we are well on our way to meeting our sales and consulting revenue targets.“
Jason Crage, Formzest Ltd
"Our relationship with Quantum have helped us make fundamental changes to our business that have resulted in significant and immediate short term gains. More importantly we have been able to focus on longer term strategies that will take our business into realms that we never thought were previously achievable. I cannot recommend Quantum highly enough."
Dr Matt Flanagan,
Back to Health Chiropractic Clinics Ltd


Benefits of working together

 “It’s Our Business To Grow Your Business”

This means that most of the fees earned by our consultants are generated out of the improvements made  in your business, most notably the extra profits and turnover created by implementing these ideas. This is consulting with a difference because it’s a Joint Venture arrangement between two businesses…  Yours and Quantum!
We add value to your business by:

  • Being a Low-cost alternative to you because you could employ a Business Development Manager/Specialist on a full time salary which can cost you anything between R600 000 and R2 milion per year, with no guaranteed returns and yet another employee on your payroll and all the issues that go with that. Other consulting companies could cost between R7000 and R20 000 per day with no guarantees and no ongoing support.
  • Having an “outsider view” of your business which means bringing new ideas and a fresh outlook.
  • Using the Quantum Toolbox of proven marketing strategy, tried and tested ideas that have worked in literally thousands of South Africa based small, medium and large businesses like yours often doubling or tripling the size and PROFITS of your businesses in 12 to 18 months.
  • Being there to TEST and MEASURE all marketing and business activities to determine what works and what doesn’t. To determine which activities are draining your business of cash flow and providing you with alternate proven strategies to channel your energy into highly rewarding activities especially those that lead to profits and capital growth.
  • Putting systems in place that:
    • Drive hordes of hungry customers to your business and use powerful and irresistible direct marketing strategies to send your sales through the roof.
    • Counter competitor price-cutting without reducing your margins and uncover and profit from the hidden assets to be found within your business.
    • Simply and effectively increase sales to your current customers by 10%, 35% and even up to 90%, with little or no additional marketing costs and keep customers coming back to buy from you again and again.
    • Add immediate newfound profits and make your business 100% recession proof over time.
    • “Systemise” the business to ensure maximum possible efficiency and a smooth and cost effective workflow process.
    • Improve staff turnover and staff retention rates as well as quick “orientation” and deployment of new staff with minimum disruption to the fulfilment of client orders.
    • And much more…
  • Providing Staff Development and Training so that the skills and expertise stay within the business long after I have moved on. This process stabilises the business and ensures that everyone is working together for a synergistic result. It also increases the value of the business and makes it easier to sell. New owners don’t want to buy a “job”; they want efficient people and systems to rely on to give them a return on investment.
  • Getting your business onto Autopilot. You may have a business that you are working “IN” at the moment which means you may in fact have a “job” and a business that runs you and determines your life for you. Getting your business into Autopilot simply means getting the business to run itself where you are able to work “ON” instead of “IN” the business. Giving you the free time and money to get to the things you really want to do.
  • Also getting you ready for an EXIT strategy; be it selling the business, franchising or floating…
  • Regular progress meetings and reports to ensure that you are track to reach your goals as well as to introduce new ideas for all the growth stages you will be going through.

Many other business building resources like tapes, CD’s, books, seminars, experienced business contacts within the Quantum network, special business reports, Quantum Business Mastery Programme and The 42 Business Growth Principles Handbook.

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